Amaury Butaux

Junior Game Designer

Looking for a 6 months internship


  • Genre:
  • Year: 2022
  • Tools:
4 months 10 developers
Game Designer Combat Designer


  • Genre:
  • Year: 2022
  • Tools:
4 months 10 developers
Game Designer Combat Designer

Key Selling Points

  • Use your own spikes as a weapon
  • Hardcore experience, cute visuals
  • Stop motion inspired animations

Combat Design Intentions

  • Fights should feel fair
  • Challenge on fast decision making rather than precision and reaction
  • You are fragile: each enemy is a serious threat.

My missions

Game Design

  • Designing core mechanics
  • Designing 3Cs
  • Enemy & Combat Design
  • Fast Prototyping

Level design

  • Creating playgrounds
  • Macro level design

Narrative design

  • Worldbuilding
  • Narrative structure

Detailed Work

Technical Documents

Writing synthetic and comprehensive technical documents to ensure the team uses the same vocabulary and has a document to refer to. Here is the technical document we wrote on the throw & aim mechanic.

Design Presentations

To ensure everyone is up to date with the latest design decisions, we arrange presentations that explain design intentions, why solutions were accepted or rejected and what we decided.

Designing Enemies

From the 3Cs to Enemies

We built our enemies in regards to the character's moveset we made. Each enemy challenges specific skills and all skills are covered by our enemy set.

Designing with production constraints

We suggested simple & functional character designs to the art team as a basis to iterate upon and to be able to meet deadlines. For example, the spike catcher design matches its behaviour without the need to add hard-to-animate hands.

Implementing & Balancing enemies

Implementing enemies

I worked inside the engine using Unity's animator and used a custom finite state machine tool to implement enemies into the game.
I worked hand-in-hand with the AI programmer to be able to do faster refinements on the enemies.

Balancing enemies

To balance the game, I used internal feedback from the team combined with mathematical balancing based on the target player behaviours we wanted to have.

Fast prototyping

Prototyping 3Cs

To be able to get a better grasp on our 3Cs as soon as possible, I prototyped some parts of our character controller and added gamefeel elements such as animations.


To test our 3Cs and gamefeel early on, we prototyped toys such as breakable objects that are shown in the adjacent gif.

Feature & asset lists

Throughout the project, we built several asset and feature lists as a way to facilitate the work with others. Building asset lists with other team members allows everyone to be on the same basis and designers to give them information about what is the most important for the game.


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